Senior & Middle
Level Hiring

Recruit Middle Senior Level Talent Across All The Functions.

Invention Provide help MNCs & Indian Customers across all industry segments recruit middle senior level talent across all the functions.

invention placement Service


Permanent Placements

Center of Contacting People with Experience

Invention, is at the center of contacting people with experience and employment opportunities. Permanent placement solutions, customer can access the highly specialized talent customer need to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Invention Placement & Payroll Services is uniquely positioned to help make sure that candidate have the right skills to take on customer mission-critical and day-to-day initiatives, so customer can focus on what matters most. Deep understanding of customer industry, processes and business issues —Invention Placement & Payroll Services provide solutions to meet the workforce needs of your organization.

We also offer cost-effective, scalable solutions and flexible delivery models tailored to your specific objectives and organisational style. You will get the degree of control you want and the expertise you need to keep your initiatives on track and your business growing. With access to one of the largest network of highly specialized Professionals, we have the experience and expertise to help you build your workforce in the way that delivers the best options for your business.


Reference Check

Purely Confidential, Honest and Unbiased Reference Check

In Critical hiring wrong can be a costly affair. Research shows that a wrong hire can cost a company approx the annual salary of the individual. The more senior the individual; Greater the impact. Our experience says us that the biggest reason for hiring mistakes is the lack of effective due diligence on prospective hires in relation to the company & role they are being considered for. Reference Check focuses on discovering deeper qualitative insights about talent’s past performance & reputation from independent sources and not mere verification of credentials, which most background check services cover. When conducted with necessary discretion & sensitivity, this serves as a powerful selection tool. This is purely confidential, honest and unbiased reference check process thus facilitating right hiring decisions.